Saturday, July 17, 2010

How to use Social Media for collaboration

If the idea of scrolling through reams of Twitter posts doesn't excite you, then you're not following the right people. I typically spend about 15 minutes a day scouring my Twitter feed and Facebook for fodder, ideas and ways to connect my company and clients with like minded people and spark creativity for the team.

No man is an island. Locked inside our heads and working in silos limits our ability to expand. Collaboration is the best way to foster creativity and results. Personally, I thrive in a collaborative environment with one idea sparking another...guided by the objectives and goals of a project, and, of course the budget. Often, the real learnings come from the post-project reviews. "If only we hads" and "look what they dids" are not failures, they are the inspiration for the next great campaign.

We are now experiencing some impressive uses of social media. The Old Spice guy is turning up the heat in a very creative and clearly social way. I love this story and yes, I will be buying the product. And, as this post in the Globe and Mail points out, it is the authenticity, bravery and consistency that makes it a great experience. Hats off to the Harold B. Lee Library for catching the wave with their parody. It's obvious the Old Spice formula is sparking even more creative collaboration. I know it has me thinking...and smiling.

What's your take? Has the "Summer of Old Spice" got you thinking?

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