Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Top 4 social media ideas for businesses

Here's a top 4 list for businesses looking for a good start on implementing social media or digital communication into their organization.

1. Location, location, location. Where are you customers? Search through Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook (to start) and see if communities already exist. Most importantly, monitor to see where your organization or your competition is being talked about.

2. Take time to develop a strategy. Figure out what you want to achieve: customer service, thought leadership, promotion, brand awareness, lead generation. Set your metrics and measure your ROI. Every business will be different. The number of followers will be important if your goal is to build brand awareness. Engagement will be a KPI, if you are looking to provide customer service.

3. Empower employees to join the conversation and be brand ambassadors. Don't screen your interaction behind the communications department. Although, you may want to start there, get it right and then mobilize it throughout the organization with clear guidelines and lessons learned.

4. When you do start communicating digitally, make sure your information is useful, relevant and entertaining enough for people to talk about and share. You don't need to be controversial, just interesting enough to stand out.

That's enough to get started. What's your top 4?


  1. I like it, easy to understand and process, but what's a KPI?
    Kathy Mercure

  2. darnit..sorry for the late reply. I have to check my notification you know how to do this in blogger?

    Anyway, KPIs are Key Performance Indicators and help organizations understand how well they are doing toward achieving their goals and living their vision. They are often attached to things that are not quantitative. Things like how their work in the community is elevating their brand.

    Does that help?