Thursday, March 25, 2010

Introductions please

The web has become a necessity in today's world. It's no longer just about having a contact point for clients or freaking someone out with coolness. Everyone wants to be able to connect, talk to you and find out what you are thinking, doing, or where you are. Feels invasive at times and that's because it is.

It invades our lives. Wakes us up at night to check our mobile devices for tweets and comments, messages and feeds. It's our 21st century rooster, and sets the tone for our day. Can we escape it? Do we need to, want to? It's a personal choice. I know people who have no connection to the web, not even an email address, yet their lives continue unaltered and uninterrupted 30 times a day by alerts, messages and numbers in brackets beside their inbox. Seems like an enviable existence at times.

But for anyone working in this world, running a business, or trying to find work, it's your biggest ally. One you need to nurture and measure to reach your goals. Can you be successful in business without the web and all its opportunities? I think not. This blog is about why I think so and I invite you to share your experiences of success and learnings.

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